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Friday, May 15, 2009

McKinsey's Podcast

The Crest of Friendship

Lina was starting in a new school today. She wasn’t used to moving around the county so much because of her dad’s job. Lina is Chinese and has Chinese heritage. A lot of people look at her and think that she isn’t good enough and she’s weird. That’s why she dreads going to a new school in the middle of the year.
* * * *
When Lina’s mom drops her off to school she says “Have a good day my little sushi roll.”
Lina pretends not to notice and walks to her classroom where her teacher Mrs. Summers in trokuces her to the class. “ Good morning class. We have a new student today. Her name is Lina.”
Lina walked over to sit by a nice looking girl. “ Hi” the girl says, “ My dame is Kelsea. Do you want to be friends?”
“ Sure!” Lina said shyly Then the bell rang.
* * * *
At lunch Lina looked around for Kelsea. She was sitting at the popular table! Lina didn’t want to go over there! Kelsea caught her eye and waved her over. “ I saved a spot for yuo right here!” As soon as Lina sat down the whispers started flying around the table. Lina caught snippets of conversation. Talk that was hurtful to her. For the rest of lunch she sat in silence. Lina got through the rest of the day smoothly. RRRING! The bell rang. Lina walked to her locker, got her stuff and ran to Kelsea’s locker to find the popular crew talking nasty about her! Lina ran all the way hone, flung herself on the bed and cried until diner.
The next day was Saturday and her mom was working. Ding-dong! “ I wonder who that could be?” she thought to herself.
She opened the door and was surprised to see Kelsea standing there with a little wrapped box. Lina had half the mind to slam the door in her face. “ Wait,” Kelsea said, “ I brought you something!”
Lina sighed and let he in. “ here.” She said offering the small red gift “ this is for you.”
Inside Lina found half of a Ying-yang symbol on silver chin. ‘Thank you.” she finally managed to say. Then Kelsea said, “Have the other half. Well, you see I felt bad about the way I treated you so I decided to apologize. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”
“Yes.” Said Lina and hugged her new best friend.

Austin H.'s Podcast

Terrorists Aboard

I was 11year old Tom Egger sailing from England to New York on a boat called The Old Miss. My parents left before me because they wanted to find a home to live in. I was sitting in my class 2 cabin waiting for the guide my dad got me so I’d stay out of trouble. The man’s name was Ben Becker. He was in his thirties. We got to know each other.

I have traveled for two weeks all the way from Japan and finally got here. I have been trained from the best of the best. I am Juan the leader of two men. We have been told to sink The Old Miss. We are caring all that we need dynamite and guns. We are hiding it in a fake bottom it our bags.
The next day Ben and Tom explored the huge ship. I was so surprised the ship had a swimming pool, tennis courts, weight rooms, and a spa room. Ben and Tom were playing a game called follow someone. It is a game were you picked a person and follows them. I picked this well dressed man with his hair combed back we learned that he is a very sugsestful businessman. Next I picked this Japanese man dressed in mostly black. He lead us to the front of the ship he stopped and looked back we hid behind a chunky fell a until he turned back around and we kept following him. He stopped by another Japanese man we just got close enough to hear. They were talking about dynamite and blowing up the hull of the ship or something. Ben and Tom’s eyes widened we have to tell someone.

We got back to our cabin to think it over and we both said,’’ that we need to tell the captain.’’ So we raced down the hallway and found our way to control room the crew lets us talk to the captain for a minute. Ben and Tom told him all about what they hear. When they where done the captain paused for a long time. Finally he said,’’ you guys are crazy!’’ And that they are going to lock them in their cabin! Two of the strongest crewmembers took them to their cabin and locked them in.

Five nights later somewhere over the Atlantic Juan tells his small crew,’’ it is time to make our country proud.’’ They put their guns in their jeans and took the bag full of dynamite and take it with them. They make their way down to the steamy and hot hull of the ship. Five mechanics ask what they are doing and got shot. They finally make it down to the ship’s side and Juan sets up the dynamites and the other cover him seven machines see them and start running but they got shot. Juan finally says,’’ he is ready the two nodded. Juan pushed the button and a huge explosion goes off. Freezing water peeps through the Juan and two men died and so did thousand of mechanics.

Aloud noise goes off and Tom wakes up he remembers that that’s the sinking warning. Tom wakes up Ben says we need to get out of the cabin and try to make it to a lifeboat but we need to bust open the door. Ben picked up a chair and slammed it down on the doorknob. The knob fell off and the one in the hallway fell off to. Ben kicked the door and it fell over they ran to see if they were too late. There were still two seats left Tom got on but Ben couldn’t get on. As the boat was lowered Ben threw his hat to Tom caught it and said,’’ I’ll never forget you.’’ We rowed away from the boat as it sank and as the calls for help were almost gone Tom cried wishing it could be him in the water and Ben in the boat.

Ilum's Podcast

Black Out

It was a sunny day in Lincoln, Nebraska and all the sudden everything went wrong for 3 boys.
One day Bo invited Michael and Maurice over to his house to play basketball. 1 guy was on offense, 2 guys were on defense. Michael was hard to defend because he was 20 pounds heavier than Bo and Maurice. But he wasn’t fast. Bo and Maurice were fast and strong so it was pretty even all around. After awhile the game got intense. After awhile Bo’s mom told them to not play so hard cause someone was going to get hurt. When she went back in, they just started where they left off. Bo had the ball, juked Maurice, faked out Michael, and went up for a dunk and his foot rolled when he landed and than his head hit hard on the concrete. Bo, Bo, are you all right? Bo, speak to me! Bo was out cold so they told Bo’s mom and she called 911. They rushed him in an ambulance to the hospital and Bo still hasn’t said a word. The ambulance doctor had an ice pack wrapped around his head so it would heel.
Bo’s mom wasn’t too pleased because she had told them not to play rough and they still did. They were all crossing their fingers for Bo. Once they got to the hospital they had to check his skull and they said it was cracked so they had to do surgery. 8 hours after the surgery Bo woke up and saw all his friends staring at him in shock on what had happened. He had no idea what was going on and why his head hurt. He had forgotten everything sense he got knocked out. His mom had to explain everything too him. He had to stay for 1 more week until he got to go.

Once he got out Bo had a cast on his ankle and an ice pack on his head. Bo and his friends promised never to play that rough

Samantha's Podcast

Serenity is a pale rosy red.
It sounds like rain lightly tapping on a window.
It tastes like creamy chocolate.
It smells like blue berry muffins on a snowy winter morning.
Serenity feels like soft little snowflakes brushing against your face on a silent winter day.

Playing the Piano
My toe taps to a steady beat.
My fingers move rapidly to keep up with the tempo.
The rush of the music flows through my soul.
I feel the tension build inside me as family members come and watch me play.
Frustration bubble up inside when I hit the wrong note.
I feel the emotion of the song I’m playing.

Family is so very important to keep together close by,
Especially in this unrighteous world where wars and deaths come are feared.
A family is so important because it influences you the right way,
It teaches you the righteous things and leads you on your way.
A family is your guideline, hold fast and strong to it,
And whenever sorrow comes your way your family is there to help.
So keep in mind the importance of your caring family now,
Enjoy the memories you share together for you’ll never get another one.

Johnna's Podcast

Surviving a War
Before the revolutionary war Isabella and Isaac were like best friends (although, they were really bother and sister). They lived perfectly fine after their parents died three years ago from influenza. That was until war struck.
Isabella’s best friend, Thomas, was fighting against her older brother. Isaac didn’t act the same as he did before… he acted like… a different person.
“For months and months all I’ve heard is explosions and screaming. Sometimes I wonder if you’ll come home at all. All I can do is hope.” I yelled, because he didn’t understand how I felt, nobody ever knew how I felt. Miserable, hopeless, sad, angry. My brother was trying to kill my best friend, in a bloody battle that should not have even happened. How would he know how I felt? “Why can’t this dumb war end already?”
“Isabella!” Isaac protested, “That’s no way for a young lady to behave!” I didn’t care if I behaved inaccurate, I wanted my brother back. “Now if you please, why don’t
You go buy some more needles and thread and pretend like this isn’t happening.” He stuck out his fist and in it where two shiny gold coins.
I smacked the coins to the ground, with a clicking sound, and looked him in the eye with a sour face on. I thought of a lot of things I wanted to say to him but instead I just pointed out the obvious, “I’m not in the mood.” I mumbled, “but I would be if you dropped out of this dumb war!” And if you would be your normal self again.
He looked at me and grabbed his coat at the same time. Then, without saying anything, he walked out the door.
I loved my brother but sometimes, he could be so, just not himself. He and Thomas used to be the best of friend. Now, they’re archenemies. They don’t get along; they won’t even try, not even for me. Sometimes I absolutely hate him.
When my brother left I got out the book I was reading and tried to relax. Everything that was on my mind distracted me, so I lost where I was. I tried to find where I had last read, but it as useless, I wasn’t ever going to find where I had been. So, I closed the book, lied down and, despite my head ach, fell asleep instantly.
* * * *
When I woke up the shelter over my head was gone, instead there was a thick cloud of smoke. Then on my roof of smoke I saw a bright flash of orange, and another, and another, followed by three thunderous cracks. I sat up and found I was in the middle of a battlefield. All the screaming and gunpowder gave me a headache.
Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Isaac and directly in front of him was Thomas. “NO!” I yelled, but in was to late. Thomas’s gasping--although very loud--drowned out all the other cries for help. “NO!” I yelled again. It was like I wasn’t there at all, because nobody cared that a lady was on the field.
I ran toward Thomas and laid my head on his chest, then started crying. “No, no, no.” I mumbled between sobs. Why would Isaac do something like that? Why?
Somehow Thomas felt me on top of him. “Isabel-l-l-l” he stumbled to say my name, but finally quit and just laid there cold and hopeless. He felt like a rock underneath me, no pulse, no warmth, no breathing, just a dead rock.
* * * *
“Isabella… Isabella? Are you there? Isabella, wake up!”
“Ahhh!” I screamed. My eyes opened it was Thomas. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his--still breathing--body
“What was that about? Are you alright?” he sounded concerned.
“Now I am.” I willingly admitted. And it was--almost--true.
“Well you’ve been screaming for the last hour. I came to see how you were doing. Apparently not very well!” there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice. “Well, I have to go goodbye!”
I didn’t want him to leave, but I also didn’t want to explain the armload of stuff that would follow my words. So instead I nodded and waved back.
The atmosphere of war was killing me, latterly. I got headaches all day and I could hardly breath. Plus the dream I had was eating away at me. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move. The only thing I could do was sit on my wooden chair, and do nothing. Soon I fell asleep, but I didn’t have any dream--or at least I couldn’t see any dream, but there were sounds--this time. Instead it was black, just dark and black. It was scarier than before, because I didn’t know what would happen next.
Then out of nowhere… “Isabella! Isabella!” it sounded like crying wondering who it was I opened my eyes.
“Isabella, were is Thomas at? He’s not home!” Now he was defiantly crying. The salty liquid pored down his cheekbones like a waterfall. I could tell that little ten-year-old Theodore was worried that his brother, his only family, was dead.
Theodore stayed with me until Isaac got home. Then we explained to him what happened. (I knew he didn’t do it willingly but,) We all went looking for Thomas. We looked and looked but could not find him.
Theodore started the waterworks again, but this time no matter what I said he did not stop. I kept telling him that we would find Thomas at all costs. But he didn’t believe me.
“Theodore, stop crying!” I told him again (and again and again). “We will find him I promise. He is not d-“ I cut myself short so that I didn’t give him any ideas.
“What DEAD?!” he screamed at me between sobs. “I know… you know, it’s true”
“Don’t think that way, if you do then it might happen.”
It’s all ready happened.” He protested. I let him free from my hold so that I could go look for Thomas again. I made it very clear that he stay where he was until I got back… or at least I think I did.
We found Thomas almost dead under a tree with two wounds--one on his stomach and one on his arm--both very large and puffy, not completely scabbed over, and they looked infected.
Isaac and I carried him all the way back to the tree stump where Theodore was. (Or was supposed to be.) But he wasn’t there.
Now not only did we have to tend to Thomas’s needs but we also had to find Theodore. Why couldn’t he have just listened to me?
I tended to Thomas’s needs while Isaac went looking for Theodore. I thought I was doing a pretty good job too, because his wounds were getting smaller and less puffy. It had been days scenes Theodore went missing but Isaac never stopped looking.
* * * *
One day Isaac came home at twilight with a little body in his arms. There was a large open wound in his right shoulder. Thomas was still out cold thank goodness. If he where to see his brother like this he would be so upset. Then…
“NOOO!!!” I heard Thomas scream, “is he still alive?”
“Yes, but hardly” Isaac replied. He set the boy on the table , and went to the cabnet where the cloth and medicine was. He got out a brand new, bleach white cloth, and some herbs. Then he delt with Theodore’s injuries.
* * * *
in the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of the creaky floor. It was Theodore, he was walking over to Thomas. He got there and curled up in Thomas’s arms, then closed his eyes and fell fast asleep.

Jenna's Podcast

Where Am I?

Where am I?
These walls are green
The floor is clear
There is no ceiling
And I see a dear
Where am I?
I see clouds
But they are black
The birds that fly,
They say quack quack
Where am I?
Is it June or is it May?
How did I get to this day?
Where am I?
As I open my eyes,
I make a big, loud scream
I sit up in my bed,
And notice it was just a dream
This is where I am.

School Clock

Here I am on the wall
With my small hand pointing 2
And my big hand pointing 9
It is almost time for them to go
As soon as the bell rings
They will all stack their chairs
And out the door they are heading
I will sit here throughout the whole night
Until my small hand points to 8
And my big hand points to 12
Here I am as a school clock.


Peaceful is not stressing over little things
Peaceful is alone, in a quiet room, reading
Peaceful is drinking hot cocoa on a winter day
Peaceful is swinging on a swing, at the park,
at sunset.
Peaceful sounds like the waves bouncing off
the shore
Peaceful feels like soft velvet on a warm blanket
Another word for peaceful is content
One thing about peaceful is that it doesn’t last
as long as you want it to last.