Friday, May 15, 2009

Austin H.'s Podcast

Terrorists Aboard

I was 11year old Tom Egger sailing from England to New York on a boat called The Old Miss. My parents left before me because they wanted to find a home to live in. I was sitting in my class 2 cabin waiting for the guide my dad got me so I’d stay out of trouble. The man’s name was Ben Becker. He was in his thirties. We got to know each other.

I have traveled for two weeks all the way from Japan and finally got here. I have been trained from the best of the best. I am Juan the leader of two men. We have been told to sink The Old Miss. We are caring all that we need dynamite and guns. We are hiding it in a fake bottom it our bags.
The next day Ben and Tom explored the huge ship. I was so surprised the ship had a swimming pool, tennis courts, weight rooms, and a spa room. Ben and Tom were playing a game called follow someone. It is a game were you picked a person and follows them. I picked this well dressed man with his hair combed back we learned that he is a very sugsestful businessman. Next I picked this Japanese man dressed in mostly black. He lead us to the front of the ship he stopped and looked back we hid behind a chunky fell a until he turned back around and we kept following him. He stopped by another Japanese man we just got close enough to hear. They were talking about dynamite and blowing up the hull of the ship or something. Ben and Tom’s eyes widened we have to tell someone.

We got back to our cabin to think it over and we both said,’’ that we need to tell the captain.’’ So we raced down the hallway and found our way to control room the crew lets us talk to the captain for a minute. Ben and Tom told him all about what they hear. When they where done the captain paused for a long time. Finally he said,’’ you guys are crazy!’’ And that they are going to lock them in their cabin! Two of the strongest crewmembers took them to their cabin and locked them in.

Five nights later somewhere over the Atlantic Juan tells his small crew,’’ it is time to make our country proud.’’ They put their guns in their jeans and took the bag full of dynamite and take it with them. They make their way down to the steamy and hot hull of the ship. Five mechanics ask what they are doing and got shot. They finally make it down to the ship’s side and Juan sets up the dynamites and the other cover him seven machines see them and start running but they got shot. Juan finally says,’’ he is ready the two nodded. Juan pushed the button and a huge explosion goes off. Freezing water peeps through the Juan and two men died and so did thousand of mechanics.

Aloud noise goes off and Tom wakes up he remembers that that’s the sinking warning. Tom wakes up Ben says we need to get out of the cabin and try to make it to a lifeboat but we need to bust open the door. Ben picked up a chair and slammed it down on the doorknob. The knob fell off and the one in the hallway fell off to. Ben kicked the door and it fell over they ran to see if they were too late. There were still two seats left Tom got on but Ben couldn’t get on. As the boat was lowered Ben threw his hat to Tom caught it and said,’’ I’ll never forget you.’’ We rowed away from the boat as it sank and as the calls for help were almost gone Tom cried wishing it could be him in the water and Ben in the boat.

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