Friday, May 8, 2009

Josh's Podcast

Angry and fearless
wild and free
I destroy wildlife,
trees and grass,
leaving nothing in my
trail but ember and ash.
Yet I wish to burn
down dirt and rock,
then I could burn
down every block.
This is because I am
mean and cruel,
my only enemy is a
swimming pool.
I am fire
and this is my desire.

will she text me back?
will she respond
to my message?
Is she avoiding me?
Is she busy?
Or is her phone off?
Will she ever send me a
"Hey" or a "Whats Up"
Will she text me back?

The raging flare of the flames are like a midday sun,
they attack eachother like animals in a rainforest,
they burn everything in sight,
the starter logs flow in the lava at the bottom.

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