Friday, May 8, 2009

Jeffrey's Podcast

Is black until you turn it on
Then you get many colors
And shows
TVs come in flat screen or normal
T.V is great

Lazy is not running around
Lazy is sitting on a couch all day
Lazy is watching TV
Lazy is what people do when they are bored
Lazy feels like potato chips
Lazy feels like nothing
Another word for lazy is bored
One thing about lazy is it’s fun to do on cloudy day

Joyful isn’t crying in a sad way
Joyful is as happy as a new born babby
Or a kid in a candy store
Joyful is Christmas morning
Joyful feels like a ear to ear smile joyful sounds like laughing
Another word for joyful is happy
One thing about joyful is it is a great thing to have

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