Friday, May 15, 2009

McKinsey's Podcast

The Crest of Friendship

Lina was starting in a new school today. She wasn’t used to moving around the county so much because of her dad’s job. Lina is Chinese and has Chinese heritage. A lot of people look at her and think that she isn’t good enough and she’s weird. That’s why she dreads going to a new school in the middle of the year.
* * * *
When Lina’s mom drops her off to school she says “Have a good day my little sushi roll.”
Lina pretends not to notice and walks to her classroom where her teacher Mrs. Summers in trokuces her to the class. “ Good morning class. We have a new student today. Her name is Lina.”
Lina walked over to sit by a nice looking girl. “ Hi” the girl says, “ My dame is Kelsea. Do you want to be friends?”
“ Sure!” Lina said shyly Then the bell rang.
* * * *
At lunch Lina looked around for Kelsea. She was sitting at the popular table! Lina didn’t want to go over there! Kelsea caught her eye and waved her over. “ I saved a spot for yuo right here!” As soon as Lina sat down the whispers started flying around the table. Lina caught snippets of conversation. Talk that was hurtful to her. For the rest of lunch she sat in silence. Lina got through the rest of the day smoothly. RRRING! The bell rang. Lina walked to her locker, got her stuff and ran to Kelsea’s locker to find the popular crew talking nasty about her! Lina ran all the way hone, flung herself on the bed and cried until diner.
The next day was Saturday and her mom was working. Ding-dong! “ I wonder who that could be?” she thought to herself.
She opened the door and was surprised to see Kelsea standing there with a little wrapped box. Lina had half the mind to slam the door in her face. “ Wait,” Kelsea said, “ I brought you something!”
Lina sighed and let he in. “ here.” She said offering the small red gift “ this is for you.”
Inside Lina found half of a Ying-yang symbol on silver chin. ‘Thank you.” she finally managed to say. Then Kelsea said, “Have the other half. Well, you see I felt bad about the way I treated you so I decided to apologize. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”
“Yes.” Said Lina and hugged her new best friend.

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