Friday, May 15, 2009

Ilum's Podcast

Black Out

It was a sunny day in Lincoln, Nebraska and all the sudden everything went wrong for 3 boys.
One day Bo invited Michael and Maurice over to his house to play basketball. 1 guy was on offense, 2 guys were on defense. Michael was hard to defend because he was 20 pounds heavier than Bo and Maurice. But he wasn’t fast. Bo and Maurice were fast and strong so it was pretty even all around. After awhile the game got intense. After awhile Bo’s mom told them to not play so hard cause someone was going to get hurt. When she went back in, they just started where they left off. Bo had the ball, juked Maurice, faked out Michael, and went up for a dunk and his foot rolled when he landed and than his head hit hard on the concrete. Bo, Bo, are you all right? Bo, speak to me! Bo was out cold so they told Bo’s mom and she called 911. They rushed him in an ambulance to the hospital and Bo still hasn’t said a word. The ambulance doctor had an ice pack wrapped around his head so it would heel.
Bo’s mom wasn’t too pleased because she had told them not to play rough and they still did. They were all crossing their fingers for Bo. Once they got to the hospital they had to check his skull and they said it was cracked so they had to do surgery. 8 hours after the surgery Bo woke up and saw all his friends staring at him in shock on what had happened. He had no idea what was going on and why his head hurt. He had forgotten everything sense he got knocked out. His mom had to explain everything too him. He had to stay for 1 more week until he got to go.

Once he got out Bo had a cast on his ankle and an ice pack on his head. Bo and his friends promised never to play that rough

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