Friday, May 8, 2009

Emilee's Podcast

Will this memory stay?
For this special day?
Or will it float away?
Will this memory stay?
Will it stay on top?
Or will it drop?
How will I be sure?
This memory will stay.
Will it stay till Monday?
Or will it stay till Sunday?
I won’t to know!
Will this memory stay?

Big and blue
Strong and wavy
All I have to do
is sit here and let things
live in me.
My body covers half the earth.
Yet I wish I could fly.
Way up high in that bright blue sky.
No more me looking up
for I would look down.
But I can’t fly,
so I might just cry.

My dog Jack
Black as a dark night.
He disappears out of sight.
His eyes glow red as fire,
but even more in daylight.

Running around
acting like a clown,
ears flopping up and down.
Chasing birds like he is gathering herds
That’s my dog Jackson

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