Friday, May 8, 2009

Chandler's Podcast

Locker sits by two other lockers
doing nothing but waiting
for the student to arrive
for many years I have been
slammed every 40 minutes
I always hear gossiping and laughter
after 2:58 I am lonely
when there’s no one left except me
and the other lockers down below
I have the combination lock
we are very good friends
now that I think about it
I am not so lonely
we talk to each other
but I wish I would move
I am 7 feet tall
so is everyone else
and I am not just a locker
I help the student
how, I have his things for class.

The Test

Will I fail or pass the test
Did I study
Did I flunk
Is it going on my report card
Should I study more
Can I retake the test
Should I fake being sick
Will I be punished if I got an F
What happens if I pass
Do you think I should at least try
Can I ask questions
Can I use a book
Can I get the answers should I cheat
Will everybody pass or will everybody fail
Is it possible that I can ace it
Is a B plus ok sometimes
Who will correct it
Will this affect my whole day
How long do I have to complete it
Can I use tools to help

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