Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easton's Podcast

“Who will win the one on one race!? Is it Marissa? No, it’s Andrew! They are neck and neck 100m away and……
It had been a pretty good life for Marissa. She had lots of popular friends, and was very good at sports; her favorite being track. Marissa had 1 brother named Andrew. He was an enjoyable person most of the time. Marissa liked everything about him except the fact that he beat her in every track event. Marissa has always wanted to win, but never had the chance. At night, all 22 2nd place trophies taunt her until she gently falls asleep.
“Well a race is in an hour and I am sure I will beat you this time!” Marissa said, determined to win. “OK,” Andrew remarked, “What ever you say.” Marissa was inflamed with a mixture of excitement and anger, with Dad being the only thing keeping her from bouncing off the walls. The race was going to be close.
Lined up and ready to start at the wonderful Missouri stadium, where everyone is cheering on his or her favorite competitor. It sill be a close match between Andrew and Marissa. Andrew has raced way less than Marissa has but Andrew seems to win all the races. Marissa could win this one though, or not. Bang! The race is off! Marissa got off to an early lead. And, Andrew is coming up behind her. “ I’ll try to make it close!” said Andrew sarcastically. It’s the last 100m and Andrew has a short lead. And……… Andrew wins! Surprise!
“Why! Why!” screamed Marissa? She just can’t seem to win. The championship is coming up and this will be a one-on-one race between the brother and sister Andrew and Marissa. This will be the best race in history! But who will win it!?
Back at home, Marissa and Andrew argue all night about who will win the race. At 11 o’clock, Dad came in and told them to go to sleep and that they have a big day tomorrow. Andrew fell asleep right away but Marissa layed down and thought of the day she was going to have. She wanted a 1st place trophy on the shelf. And she was determined to get it.
*Loud sigh* “Are you OK Marissa?” asked Dad. Marissa didn’t answer. ”You are nervous aren’t you?” Marissa nodded. “Well, I’ll be happy if you win or lose.” “Thanks Dad!”
On your marks, get set, GO!!! Andrew has a fantastic lead from a great start! Marissa on the other hand fell over leaving here behind. Andrew is at the 50m mark going strong and…….HE FELL! Andrew is rolling on the ground in pain! He won’t be racing any time soon! Now Marissa is at 10m going strong and she turns around!? She is helping Andrew cross the finish! How good of a sister is this! Andrew came in first and Marissa in second! What an amazing sight to see!
After that day, they never argued again…


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