Friday, May 8, 2009

Hunter's Podcast

Will they listen?
Will they call me mean names?
Will they laugh at me when I lose my mind?
Will they help me with my problems I am having with life?
Will they listen.

Anger is red like lava and also like
Lava and also like the bubbling of
A witches couldren. It runs through
my vains.It reminds me of the time
I yelled so loud at my cat. I feel like
a bully. It makes me want to punch
myself in the face.

Depressed is blue. It sounds like gossiping and
Calling mean names. It tastes like
Spinach that fell in the road. It smells like burnt
Rubber. Depressed feels like people
Punching me in the stomach and laughing at
me for a long time.

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